Ray Heinrich, another god-damned easter poem // Marek Lugowski, goodbyes in the time of burning taco john's (an easter poem) // Kim Hodges, The Apostle Reminisces // Mere Smith, and if there were no nuns // Hillary Joyce, first trip to spain // Renay, driving lesson // John Donne, Holy Sonnet #14 + a poem by jewel // Deborah Kilgore, Rick's Cafe //

planetary space picture

Liz Haight, How Does the Garden Grow // Scott Cudmore, 2 poems: Just Next Door + Jesus Gulls // Karen Tellefsen, a letter to Agnieszka // Liz Haight, a letter to Agnieszka // Catullus, after Sappho, #51 + Therese Leigh, Diva Candida // Kenneth Wolman, The Lost Child //

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