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                                            1st room: four exuberants

        2nd room: the secret life of White Stained Glass Room

a girl is a pearl is a fire ant

a girl is a pearl is a fire ant is the ridges on the inside
and smooth conviction on the outside. a girl in trouble is
a temporary thing. romeo void. girl is english at its
gurgliest like a brook cold on a hut hut hut late
september sun day.
                                 3rd room: the Marek Kachina...
to all you agnieszkas out there.

Marek Lugowski

4th room: Tribe, Sleeper, "Dogflower": "flowers, all my life only flowers..."

                                                                                                   5th room: vermillion dread

                                             6th room: My Good Name

                                                                                          7th room: the way back home

                 8th room: ....and on the wall -- my private wall...

                                                      9th room: i lie in an autumn pile of your kisses

                                                                              10th room: the small moments of your face hover

            11th room: surf and rescue!

                                                                                        12th room: moon over the sea of japan

                                                                    13th room: the coffee you poured on my words

                       14th room: Crista's Drawings

                                        15th room: Swiss silk paintings

                                                                                                     16th room: katja's mousepad

                               18th room: neon night sky

                                                                                               17th room: my fridge magnets

19th room: where we keep the souls

                                                              20th room: Planet Ocean: Dancing to the Fossil Record

                                                                                      21st room: los caballos del tiempo antiguo

                                      23rd room: candy

                                                                              22nd room: hopi silver

                                            24th room: The Story of Ms. Hair

                       25th room: The story of eleven naval men

                                27th room: here there be dragons

                 26th room: pretty pretty pretty

                                                                  28th room: Canadian Central Pacific Coast, a Fjord

     29th room: i've not words

                                         30th room: east meets west in sun and flowers

                                                                                 31th room: port/starboard

                                                                                            32th room: Krawczyk's paintings

                      33rd room: Charlie Levin's wax on glass large painting

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