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Welcome. We encourage you to hold in your hand an example of what you are thinking of getting into: an ASGP chapbook. While our chapbooks are professionally printed and finished, they only cost USD$2 as priced to individuals, plus USPS Priority Mail postage or its international equivalent. All the content of our online magazine also appears in print in as chapbooks, sharing the same ISSN with every issue.

Please write to us in plain text, not html, not rtf, not PDF, not Microsoft Word, not, gack, Excel or PowerPoint or what else may cross your imagination. If you have art or have typset anything to show us, send us a URL pointing to some net-based page or, as the 2010s saying goes, in the cloud.

We read your work simultaneously on different machines, including arcane flavors of unix or linux. Software formats native to one computer may be unavailable on another, particularly word-processing stuff, not without installing very big software. Plain text mail is safer, faster, less bloated than html, PDF, attachments. We work with plain text first because it is no fuss, and we can sling it everywhere. Only later do we make it styled, setting it in type and putting in artwork. When we share this, we involve the author (as we do at every stage), using PDF files on a private web page or generating appropriately massive emails.

Submitting chapbook-length projects

Please read our policies under Policies in the ASGP Lobby. If you can read this text online, we would like you to send your work online as well, in email, as plain text, not html, and no attachments. In general, we very much discourage paper submissions. On the other hand, if the poetry is good enough, we will accept it in rune-engraved wheelstones...

Please send complete manuscripts if possible. Please submit in plain text (technically known as ASCII text) by email to both editors simultaneously:

katrina grace craig valvis (ketzle@ketzle.net), submissions editor, AgD co-editor

Marek Lugowski (marek@enteract.com), editor-in-chief, AgD co-editor

Initial correspondence should be sent to katrina grace craig valvis or to Marek Lugowski. Artwork to be scanned or otherwise to be viewed should be conveyed to Marek, most preferably as a link to some web page. We can accommodate large items on ...100/250 megabyte Iomega Zip disks, especially Marek, who collects tehse things, I kid you not. More postmodernly Google Docs or Dropbox is fine. For production we can scan the originals ourselves.

Submitting material for Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD) ISSN 1088-4300

Please submit material to both katja and Marek, in the same email. We are less and less likely to publish any previously published material -- but sometimes we still do, particularly in new combinations. Concurrent submissions are okay. Please indicate them and promptly withdraw work upon acceptance elsewhere.

Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD) ISSN 1088-4300 is an innovative installation of mostly contemporary and mostly not yet famous literary texts (poems, letters to Agnieszka, occasional short short stories), computer and freehand art, photography, scans of actually deployed in the field fridge magnets, whatever, put together as an inventive navigational design that loads fast even for slow connections, viewable by any browser. Nothing blinks in Agnieszka's Dowry.

A special feature of AgD are Letters to Agnieszka. The ones we already have are examples of creative letter writing addressing the person of Agnieszka. It is up to you to invent Agnieszka as you please, and to set the content and tone. We have collected several by now and they make for a fascinating study. We like the Agnieszka they've created! We look for entertainment, fun, wistfulness -- the whole bit -- lovely language, suspense, insight, scene-setting.

We run no ads and we advertise no awards we have been awarded. There are no bios of anyone, least of all the editors. You may find our faces elsewhere on the web.

The online AgD comprises nested web pages housing ring structures of linked literary pieces, several to a so-called room. It's like a garden to be lost in. For those in a hurry, there is the fun-spoiling AgD Intro/Index page, available throughout the magazine in the navigation bar at the bottom of pages, with direct entry to each room. The Intro gives the story of why we did AgD our way.

In addition to maintaining AgD's colorful online hide-and-seek, we print the magazine as a text-only chapbook series. Both forms of AgD are cataloged as the same ISSN serial by the U.S. Library of Congress, and each AgD chapbook has an ISBN. We produce the print book and maintain the electronic magazine at our own cost. Authors receive a copy of the chapbook in which their work appears. The remaining lot goes on sale through Books in Print, through our web site's catalog, and by word of mouth. All our books, AgD volumes included, are maintained in print indefinitely.

We ask you to read well into Agnieszka's Dowry, and to fit your submissions to the partially filled content of its open issues. We want good writing that fits, and we want you to take part in deciding that, and to see how we are getting on. The process of closing an issue takes a long time, months. This is a slow serial. Many meritorious pieces are unfit for AgD by context. We mostly reject, and it can take weeks before we review the next batch of submissions, but we read at all times and are you can talk to us anytime, and one of us or both will answer promptly.

As of 1 April 2015, AgD contains 13 closed and 1 open online issues, as well as 13 printed issues (as chapbooks). Issue 12 is a special issue on haiku, comprising only the pretty pretty pretty room. It contains installations of multiple haiku by 9 authors. It was edited by jen jensen, a haikuist herself, and our webmaster and VP technology. AgD amounts to 255 installations (one or more grouped pieces) by 193 authors. AgD is expanding at glacial pace (check the created and last updated dates), with print issues usually trailing the completed online issues by half a year. Thecurrentissues has been eluding completion for several years now. We are absolutely not in any hurry. Our incidence of acceptance is nearly nil. It is what it is.

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