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0. Introduction to Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD) ISSN 1088-4300
1. AgD Index with Ports of Entry

0. Introduction to Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD) ISSN 1088-4300

On 8 March 1996, the UNESCO International Day of the Woman, we, A Small Garlic Press (ASGP), extended our poetry publishing to include an on-line poetry and letters to Agnieszka magazine.

Its name is Agnieszka's Dowry. Agnieszka, perhaps the most beautiful name ever devised in sound and grace, look and feel, antiquity and modernity, formality and familiarity, intricacy and straightforwardness, friendliness and firmness, feminity and grrl'ness -- in this instant and any ol' timelessness -- is Polish for Agnes. You see the immediate escalation of benefits already.

Pronounce Agnieszka like so: uk-NYEZH-ka, where the ZH sound is like SI in vision.

We have also decided to nickname it AgD as an act of international mercy and whimsical chemistry: Ag is silver, and D is an element of giving, from "dar", a gift, in Polish, or "dawac", to give.

We have since made a commitment to make all of its content persist as a growing installation that is an ISSN serial, as well as to print all of its text as an on-going professionally-finished chapbook series. Thus, AgD is an on-line installation, a magazine, and a book, and it is either free or when put to paper, nearly free. :)

Rooms make up Agnieszka's Dowry. A room always contains a background, which is inert, and some live link areas, each one an entrance into a single ring of interconnected poems. The graphic design and the navigation play off juxtapositions, repetitions and contrasts, yet allow each work to stand alone against the white, uncluttered, in big type, always the same type, and always visible, whatever your browser, and always searchable. And you can read it all without loading graphics, or, as explained below, in text browsers that are made to go through oodles of text fast.

In fact, because we cater to readers first and to visual fun later, the on-line Agnieszka's Dowry is optimized for textual browsing with Lynx. Lynxing is the fastest and the correct minimal hand-movement way to read huge tracks of AgD fast, and to find things fast. No mouse use is required. All the buttons are exposed and labeled with their content. The navigation is mapped to a rapid-fire thumb/finger action with next-links literally falling under the cursor at poem end. And so on.

For graphical browsing, we recommend any browser! :)

We test our pages on multiple platforms (NetBSD, FreeBSD, Linux flavors of unix, Amiga, Microsoft Windows operating systems, Mac Os System 7 through OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks -- using several makers' browsers, ranging from the truly idiosyncratic (read: broken) to those rigorously adhering to w3c's html specification (iCab on the Mac Os System 7 through 9, for example).

Use whatever renders sanely on your box and tell us of any trouble. Every page is valid HTML 4.01 markup, checked with http://validator.w3.org/

As of 1 April 2015, AgD contains 13 closed and 1 open online issues, as well as 13 printed issues (as chapbooks). Issue 12 is a special issue on haiku, comprising only the pretty pretty pretty room. It contains installations of multiple haiku by 9 authors. It was edited by jen jensen, a haikuist herself, and our webmaster and VP technology. AgD amounts to 255 installations (one or more grouped pieces) by 193 authors. AgD is expanding at glacial pace (check the created and last updated dates), with print issues usually trailing the completed online issues by half a year. Thecurrentissues has been eluding completion for several years now. We are absolutely not in any hurry. Our incidence of acceptance is nearly nil. It is what it is.

The open issue always displays works we have accepted as well as empty spaces left. We hope that our as-you-are-our-witness editing will assist our prospective "submittants" in quelling our recalcitrance. Give us your best as we show you our open hand.

-- Marek, co-editor with katja

Our ASGP Catalog page tells more about the already issued AgD print volumes and all our chapbooks.

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1. AgD Index with Ports of Entry

Issue 1 (1 April 1996)

1st Room: four exuberants
Jon Erickson, jewel, Therese Leigh,
Karen Tellefsen.

2nd room: the secret life of White Stained Glass Room
Jennifer Merri Parker, Chris Losinger, Wlodzimierz Holsztynski,
Michael Estabrook, Marie Coffin, Ray Heinrich.

3rd room: the Marek Kachina
Liz Haight & Marek Lugowski, Jan McLaughlin, Eric Thomas,
Kim Hodges, Clara Sylph, Caron Andregg,
David Deifer, Gabriel Liebermann, Gretchin Lair.

4th room: Tribe, _Sleeper_, "Dogflower": "flowers, all my life only flowers..."
Hillary Joyce, Evan Sage, Julie Schillinger,
Renay, Douglas Clark.

5th room: vermillion dread
Mere Smith, Peter Horn, Alexey V. Andreyev,
Mark Stone, LeeAnn Heringer, Paul Mena.

6th room:My Good Name
Deborah Kilgore, Lisa Brown, Keiko Imaoka,
Helen Walne, Connie Walle, Jenniffer L. Lesh,
Karen Hussey, AC Missias, jewel.

Issue 2 (22 April 1996)

The 7th room: the way back home
Ray Heinrich, Marek Lugowski, Kim Hodges,
Mere Smith, Hillary Joyce, Renay,
John Donne, jewel, Deborah Kilgore,
Liz Haight, Scott Cudmore, Karen Tellefsen,
Liz Haight, Catullus, Therese Leigh,
Kenneth Wolman.

Issue 3 (20 June 1996)

8th room: ...and on the wall -- my private wall...
Marie Coffin, Marek Lugowski, Helen Walne,
Richard Fein, Virgil Hervey, LeeAnn Heringer,
katrina grace craig, John Silence, S. James,
Simon Lenthen.

9th room: i lie in an autumn pile of your kisses
Blaise Cirelli, E. Sage, Heather L. Igert,
Karen Tellefsen, Lee Merkel, Therese Leigh,
Jan McLaughlin, Barry Spacks.

Issue 4 (27 October 1996)

10th room: the small moments of your face hover
katrina grace craig, Jerry Dreesen, Eric Thomas,
Anna Evans, Hillary Joyce, Ray Heinrich,
Susan R. Gilbert, Troy Johnson, Frank C. Pine.

11th room: surf and rescue!
William B. Hunt, Jon Erickson, Carla Perry,
Christina Georgina Rossetti, Connie Walle, Ryan Deschamps,
Renetta Deanne Garrett Myers, jenne micale, c earl nelson,
Blake Baily.

Issue 5 (5 March 1997)

12th room: moon over the sea of japan
Keiko Imaoka, shelle m. barton, Holly Day,
Karen Tellefsen, Ray Heinrich.

13th room: the coffee you poured on my words
ann foster, Jennifer Merri Parker, Dana Standridge,
Kathleen Nering, Jenniffer L. Lesh, kristine hayes,
Renay, jenne micale.

14th room: Crista's drawings
Therese Leigh, Marek Lugowski, LeeAnn Heringer,
katrina grace craig, Kim Hodges.

Issue 6 (12 July 1997)

15th room: Swiss silk paintings
Rudd Gates, Michael Estabrook, shelle m. barton,
Christine J. Fahnel, lindsay jane, Marguerite K.A. Petersen,
Alex Uttermann, Holly Day.

16th room: katja's mousepad
Tom Craig, Colin Will, Jeannette Harris,
Diane Wald, Zoogirl, Michael Ripley,
Jenniffer L. Lesh, Marek Lugowski, Helen Walne.

18th room: neon night sky
Scott Murphy, Anna Evans,
katrina grace craig, Bernadette L. Wagner.

Issue 7 (8 March 1998)

17th room: my fridge magnets
deirdre, Ashley Spradlin, Ben Ohmart,
Doug Tanoury, chandra das, B.  Callaghan,
John D. Porter.

19th room: where we keep the souls
Liz Haight, Judy Hartwell, Robert Westermeyer,
Marck L. Beggs, Simone Ray, Izabel Sonia Ganz,
R. Sommo, Catherine Daly, Shawn Walker.

Issue 8 (19 April 1998)

20th room: Planet Ocean: Dancing to the Fossil Record
C.E. Chaffin, Sean Brendan-Brown, K. L. Sullivan Isacson
Brian Pinsker, Michele Walker, Lee Tracy,
Julie Schillinger, Jennifer Ley, Mark Stone,
Adam Ford, jenne micale.

21st room: los caballos del tiempo antiguo
Deborah Kilgore, Jorge Sanchez, Mary E. Kinkaid,
Brenda O'Connor, J. Kevin Wolfe, Zane Ivy,
C.C. Russell.

Issue 9 (21 November 1999)

23rd room:candy
D.S. Black, Perry Sams, Ruba Nadda,
Danielle C. Le, Gale Bria Hung, Blake Baily,
Deanna Madsen Fogel, D. Sadres, Holly Pettit,
Scott Sweeney, jade sharma, Holly Day,
David Weinstock, Katherine Holman, Isaac Brody,
Elisha Porat, Antti Luode, Helen Walne.

Issue 10 (23 March 2000)

22nd room: hopi silver
Jim Rushton, Madelaine Sauk, Mary Keller,
John Surowiecki, Kathleen Rogers, Petrina Barson,
Judith Pordon, William J. Boerst.

24th room: The Story of Ms. Hair
Trina Stolec, Arlene Ang, Julie Becker,
Karla Rogers, Bridget Cross, Michael Estabrook,
Alicia A. Curtis, Rebecca Patrascu, Michelle S. Cummiskey,
Helen Walne, Erin Elizabeth, David Bolduc,
Wayne Crawford, Danielle C. Le.

Issue 11 (11 November 2000)

25th room: The story of eleven naval men
kristin schwarz, Jenni Merri Parker, Marek Lugowski,
Emily Alston-Follansbee, Michael Zweigbaum, Amy Soppet,
Alice Olds-Ellingson, Penelope Davis Greenwell, Rain Jordan,
Cathy Calkins, Radames Ortiz.

27th room: here there be dragons
Ruth E. Foley, EA Lynch, Nissa D. Holtkamp,
Alana Merritt Mahaffey, meg purcell, Trevor Hewett.

Issue 12, special haiku issue, jen jensen, editor (4 September 2000)

26th room: pretty pretty pretty
Jim Kacian, paul m., Paul David Mena,
W.F. Owen, Cindy Zackowitz, Ferris Gilli,
Jo Lea Parker, Kim Hodges, Susan Bond.

Issue 13 (24 September 2002)

28th room: Canadian Central Pacific Coast, a Fjord
Pam Hill, J.V. Foerster, Katherine Elkins,
Gena Schwam, Padma Jared Thornlyre, Elvira Selow,
David Rutkowski.

29th room: i've not words
Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Corina Cook, Ariana-Sophia M. Kartsonis.

30th room: east meets west in sun and flowers
Geneviève Szopa-Monley, Walt McDonald, Hope Cregger,
Jennifer Hill Kaucher.

Issue 14 (open, 25 September 2002 – now (1 April 2015)

31th room: port-starboard
Karyna McGlynn, Shara Faskowitz, Margaux Fragoso, Patricia Smith Ranzoni

32th room: Krawczyk's paintings
Doug Ramspeck

33rd room: Charlie Levin's wax on glass large painting
Marek Lugowski

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