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droga agnieszko

enclosed please find and learn to love
a pearlescent tapestry which leeann spectacularly wove
and pearls to go with it -- you may use them for buttons
or marbles or just-so as-is make-believes -- gateways
to far and away? markers for equinox and solstice?

may i highly recommend the poetry -- we did what we
to equip you with a decent library -- we are not alone.
we are not done.

may we never be done. may we always be right
at it.

therein lie many rings each with facets made of words:
the whole -- while clever sensible -- affords pleasure
when sifted at leisure yielding qualia compassion.

most of all -- listen to these as songs of other fields
other grasshoppers -- telling different stories
from the stories your people tell.

ours is a wedding gift heart-fit should you
marry a man
a woman a cause a dream


Marek Lugowski
1 August 1996
Chicago, Illinois

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