Drawing of a young woman celebrating morning

a thin film story (poof!) for dulcimea (and other girls) as told by don kickotech

i am don kickotech and she -- my elektron-dulcimea.
now and then i bash windmills to tune up ditzed-down
windsongs -- pulling no panchos punching no doggies
sticking it to the puerile-fish bone-tones -- what crass
wet grass broken glass mobile-charms awkward arms -- i do
it all w/o stick-stones. i do a good job.

dulcimea -- what can i say of the purest of white trash.
she lives in no convent. her time is spent in red not
off white or blue. her convention -- exiled to a drinking
prairie school -- is to not drink but to pose nude for
art class. she does studious meritorious things mostly
vegetarian beauteous and desirous. science meets art.
hoooow do you doooo. mondo alto.

dulcimea drop-dead gorgeous -- you carry not one but two test
patterns -- askin. help adjust the trouble in my set.

i set my antenna on dulcimea but we are so much in the future.
tense dulcimea presents express sentiments: i so love you.
i love you already so. i want to baby you. to move in with
you. to have fights with you. and win. them all. to tell
you -- luv -- exactly what to do. and not to. i am your.

i don kickotech being sound of body don't mind: i too rather
love you. i love you so. so. i want to baby. you. to move
into. you. with you to have fights. and win all the wars.
with you i am your man. woman.

dulcimea is pissed slighted and annoyed. dulcimea does kabuki
lady macbeth right back at me: iiii am seeeeriously earnest.
whyyyy do youuuu make fuuuun of meeee. i saaaaid baaaaby.
you saaaaid baaaaby. makes twoooo. soooo doooon't even
tryyyy to get ouuuut of either. yoooo-yoooo.

dulcimea is my sweet dream rat -- a tat tat tat. rat a tat tat
to the right. dulcimea is my sweet cream tit -- rit a tit tit.
rit a tit tit to the left. dulcimea is my sweet ream cat --
cat a tat tat. cat a tat tat to the right.

my heart. my heart is aspin. turning in october.

goldening. at higher elevations. in colorado. in new mexico.
in south dakota.

click. click. click. my heart is a shim. mer. ing.
my heart is a yell. ow. flame. my heart. is op. en.

no longer op. al.

Marek Lugowski

Copyright © Marek Lugowski
September 1996

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