_Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD) Issue 5_ cover art

Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD), Issue 5 (Book)

ISSN 1088-4300
ISBN 1-888431-16-4
pp 44.

This is our fifth print installment of A Small Garlic Press's on-line/print serial. Our continued aim in print is to produce a simple, linear and modest compendium of the buoyantly colorful, non-linear, fitted with art and ring-structures hypertext "rooms" accessible from the web (and soon, a CD-ROM).

We have no idea how it happened that everybody submitting and accepted to Issue 5 (except for Ray) is a woman (or an Honorary Woman). Danged if we can figure out how Ray got through -- that's what we mean.

Of special note is our reprint of Keiko's precise exposition of American and Japanese haiku, with the latest fixes dispatched email-direct from the exacting author-scholar. Thank you, Keiko.

This book continues to be what the on-line AgD distills to when one alphabetically splices together its written matter. Nothing remains obscured or embellished by juxtaposition with graphics. New resonances in text emerge from neighbor-to-neighbor relations where none existed before. The poems, the letter to Agnieszka, the haiku essay all stand in severe relief as writing, unadorned. We hope you like it.


shelle m. barton, 1
katrina grace craig, 2
Holly Day, 3
ann foster, 4-5
kristine hayes, 6
Ray Heinrich, 7
LeeAnn Heringer 8
Kim Hodges, 9
Keiko Imaoka, 10-19
Therese Leigh, 20-21
Jenniffer Lesh, 22-23
Marek Lugowski, 24-26
jenne micale, 27
Kathleen Nering, 28-30
Jennifer Merri Parker, 31-35
Renay, 36-37
Dana Standridge, 38-42
Karen Tellefsen, 43

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