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Here are our direct addresses, for those of us who handle orders at present. The older titles may not be in Issaquah, so order those from Chicago:


katrina grace craig
4635 West Lake Sammamish Parkway SE G106
Issaquah, WA 98027

Marek Lugowski
5445 N. Sheridan 3003
Chicago, IL 60640-7477

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When ordering, please send money order or a check payable to A Small Garlic Press, in USD, along with your return postal address. Please include an e-mail address if possible. We are signed up for electronic commerce with worldwide credit card acceptance, but the plain truth is that the website implementation of this is lagging; we may be able to do business that way over the phone or email, so try us.

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ASGP books cost USD $2 as priced to individuals in person or via this website. Add USD $8 for mailing within USA. Booksellers are charged USD $22 plus USD $18 US Priority Mail shipping, per copy; there is no volume discount for copies or shipping. This pricing strategy is in effect frankly to discourage intermediaries, and to protect the inventory, and therefore, the viability of our press. We would like to accomodate libraries worldwide reasonably, however; please inquire. Illinois Chicago Cook Couty tax of 9.25% is collected from Chicago, Illinois buyers. Otherwise, Illinois buyers pay 7% collected towards Illinois tax obligations. No other taxes are collected from anyone. Please write to us with your concerns, requests or suggestions by e-mail.

All titles are maintained in print, and are on hand, with the exception of Utah Poems, which is undergoing 2nd edition pre-press; one copy of Utah Poems has been made available as a collector's item on eBay.

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International orders: US cash or drafts on US or Canadian banks. We usually cannot redeem foreign postal money orders or bank checks, even those drawn in US funds on a foreign bank. Japanese international postal money orders in US funds, however, seem to act like regular US checks at the post office, so they are ok. We will trade for interesting local literature or music, if there is no other inexpensive currency-based medium of exchange available to you.

You may also order directly from these authors, assuming they are still interested or have copies: Doug Thiele (Like Chinese Milk), Karen Tellefsen (Quatrain), Renay (They Drivem Pickup Trucks They Shootem Shotguns), Jesse Rider (Torch Songs), Paul David Mena (Tenement Landscapes), Alan DeNiro (The Black Hare), and LeeAnn Heringer (Picture Postcards and Objects of Desire). The authors may well sell at prices higher that ours. The Press receives no income from sales by authors. The two tracks of book sales peacefully coexist with one another..

Click here to e-mail Doug Thiele
Click here to e-mail Karen Tellefsen
Click here to e-mail Renay
Click here to e-mail Jesse Rider
Click here to e-mail Paul David Mena
Click here to e-mail Alan DeNiro
Click here to e-mail LeeAnn Heringer

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Historically we have made ebbing and flowing attempts to lodge our books in old fashioned bookstores. At this point in time, there just aren't any.

You can certainly order our books from any bookstore willing to special order -- after all, our books have ISBNs and are in Books in Print and in Forthcoming Books in Print. Use the catalog page to obtain this information if this is your way of choice. ISBN-13 numbers for our books are just the ISBN-10 number you see, prepended by 978. Utah Poems has the following product identifiers: ISBN-10 - 1888431008, ISBN-13 - 9781888431001

Thanks for reading about ordering -- hope you order. :) Drop us a line for any reason: me or katja.

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-- Marek Lugowski, president, director and editor-in-chief, A Small Garlic Press

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