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Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD), Issue 13 (Book)

ISSN 1088-4300
ISBN 1-888431-28-8
40 pages.

This is the thirteenth volume of A Small Garlic Press's on-line and printed serial. It features 15 authors and took over 2 years to put together. Marek Lugowski's essay introducing Agnieszka's Dowry mirrors in print for the first time the AgD Intro/Index text. In a sense, this is the definitive AgD volume. If you only read one, read this one.

Our continued aim in printing these chapbooks is to record on paper just the texts which are otherwise colorfully set in ring-structures (rooms), accessible from the web. See below for the "wormholes" to the on-line rooms which comprise this issue -- the Canadian Central Pacific Coast, a Fjord room, as well as the i've not words room and east meets west in sun and flowers.

As usual, there are no author biographies.


Corina Cook, 1-2
Hope Cregger, 3-5,
Katherine Elkins, 6
J.V. Foerster, 7
Pam Hill, 8-9
Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis, 10
Jennifer Hill Kaucher, 11
Walt McDonald, 12-16
David Rutkowski, 17
Gena Schwam, 18
Elvira Selow, 19-20
Geneviève Szopa-Monley, 21-27
Padma Jared Thornlyre, 28-29
Jasmine Dreame Wagner, 30-34
Marek Lugowski, 35-37

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A wormhole to: Canadian Central Pacific Coast, a Fjord
A wormhole to: i've not words
A wormhole to: east meets west in sun and flowers
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