Tenement Landscapes Cover Art

Tenement Landscapes
Copyright © 1995 Paul David Mena

ISBN 1-888431-02-4

The print cover of Tenement Landscapes is black text in Times and a graphic image of a Japanese theater mask-sun rising over a Japanese interior-like cityscape with its own morphed reflection. Art by the combined Internet pot-luck of LeeAnn Heringer (SF Bay Area), katrina grace craig (Seattle) and Marek Lugowski (Chicago). The cover design was printed in digital fidelity on pale green bristol vellum card stock.

This collection of 39 haiku on the theme of New York City includes a foreword by haiku expert Dhugal Lindsay, discussing the various schools of modern haiku.

Mr. Lindsay describes Paul's work as follows:

Several haiku appearing in this collection by Paul David Mena will undoubtedly be counted as among the pearls of American haiku. Paul has a penchant for visual haiku but has also captured some of the sounds and smells of the city that is New York. When read as a collection these haiku allow us to once again see New York through fresh eyes and from a myriad of angles, to feel the pulse of the city and its loneliness as well.

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The Chinese ideograph meaning light

Tompkins Square --
an old man teaches Tai-Chi
to a crowd of pigeons

on the fire escape
the breeze shifts direction
from pizza to chow mein

manhole cover
offering incense
to the skyscraper sky

Copyright © 1995 Paul David Mena

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