Paul David Mena was born in Rockville Centre, New York, on the day that "Mack the Knife" topped the charts. He grew up in a Long Island suburb that deserves to remain anonymous.

Although Paul began writing poetry in high school, his more sustained efforts began only four years ago, on purchasing The Haiku Anthology by Cor Van Den Heuvel. The brevity and austerity of the haiku form seemed ideally suited to Paul, a man who otherwise still would be trying to finish his first poem. Instead, he has managed to finish -- and publish -- many haiku over the past three years, all in small journals and magazines.

Tenement Landscapes is his first book.

Paul lives in Greater Boston, where, in addition to working as a programmer and playing as a poet, he busies himself gathering material for an unauthorized autobiography to be written posthumously. He can be reached by email, and has a homepage called Haiku in Low Places.

Paul's chapbook :Tenement Landscapes

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