Picture Postcards cover

Picture Postcards
Copyright © 1995 LeeAnn Heringer

ISBN 1-888431-03-2

This is LeeAnn Heringer's first book of poetry. She writes about sex, lies, and, well, all the little things that techno-weenies dream about when they fall asleep on their keyboards at 3 in the morning. The cover art by the author combines computer art and the fonts NuWave and Technical -- all printed on a purple card stock. The 40-page chapbook contains 31 poems by LeeAnn Heringer, 1 poem co-authored with Marek Lugowski and 1 poem co-authored with Eric Thomas.

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A picture of LeeAnn at 5 years old

the skip in the sound track

you fell in love with the words
steady as city tap water
sometimes sanitized
for your protection

words running between my fingers
down my palm to drip
from my wrist
in your open ear
to get you in and out of bed

but when the doctor said
I could have
I might have
let's run a few tests

you heard the silence
between the words

Copyright © 1995 LeeAnn Heringer

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