LeeAnn Heringer was born and raised on a farm along the Feather River near the one-gas station, two-stoplight, 10-bar town of Gridley in central Northern California until she escaped to UC Davis to get a degree in Electrical Engineering. She met her husband, Dean, while they were both working as summer interns for the China Lake Naval Weapons Center out in the middle of the Mojave desert.

She started out in Silicon Valley working for NASA, then for a variety of small startup companies that designed computer equipment for the professional video and audio industry, where she got to hang out with people who knew people who were sycophants of people who you may have actually heard of. She won an Emmy for technical achievement for a video workstation that she helped design as part of a team of 10 engineers. She's currently writing software for the internet and hiding behind a wall of incoming e-mail that she will never thoroughly read.

Someday her ship's gonna dock and LeeAnn and her husband will be able to afford that bait-tack-espresso-internet cafe of their dreams far, far from the valley of silicon delights.

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