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Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD), Issue 9 (Book)

ISSN 1088-4300
ISBN 1-888431-24-5
44 pages.

This is the ninth volume of the A Small Garlic Press (ASGP) on-line/print serial. It features 18 authors, just as AgD8 does!

Our continued aim in printing these chapbooks is to record on paper just the texts which are otherwise colorfully set in ring-structures (rooms), accessible from the web. See below for the "wormhole" to the room which comprises this issue -- candy.

Issue 9 contains poetry and a letter to Agnieszka -- from authors as far away as Australia, Finland, South Africa, Florida. We have Asian transplants to America. We have a zine-queen superb poet who is a mom in Minneapolis; we have an itinerant English teacher in Asia, an Arab-Canadian urbane woman in Toronto, a senior Israeli poet who grew up and lives in a kibutz, and at least one "tokyo"-traveled American grrl. :) And, yes, we have just-folks, those from sea to shining sea.

As is our AgD custom, the alphabetically sorted (by author) writing, plus the table of contents (in the back, as per Marek's European upbringing) is all you get. No author biographies are included, as is our tradition. Just the stuff.


Blake Baily, 1
D.S. Black, 2-3
Isaac Brody, 4
Holly Day, 5
Deanna Madsen Fogel, 6-7
Katherine Holman, 8
Gale Bria Hung, 9
Danielle C. Le, 10-17
Antti Luode, 18-24
Ruba Nadda, 25-29
Holly Pettit, 30
Elisha Porat, 31
D. Sadres, 32
Perry Sams, 33
jade sharma, 35-37
Scott Sweeney, 38
Helen Walne, 39-42
David Weinstock, 43

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