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Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD), Issue 8 (Book)

ISSN 1088-4300
ISBN 1-888431-22-9
32 pages.

This is the eighth volume of the A Small Garlic Press (ASGP) on-line/print serial. It features 18 authors.

Our continued aim in printing these chapbooks is to record on paper just the texts which are otherwise colorfully set in ring-structures (rooms), accessible from the web. See below for the "wormholes" to the on-line rooms which comprise this issue.

Issue 8 contains poetry only, from authors as far away as Australia and Korea, and one as nearby as the same postal zip code as Marek in Chicago! As is our AgD custom, the alphabetically sorted (by author) writing, plus the table of contents (in the back, as per Marek's European upbringing) is all we provide.

As usual, here are no author biographies.


Sean Brendan-Brown 1-2
C.E. Chaffin 3
Adam Ford 4-5
K.L. Sullivan Isacson 6
Zane Ivy 7-8
Deborah Kilgore 9
Mary E. Kincaid 10-11
Jennifer Ley 12
jenne micale 13-14
Brenda O'Connor 15-16
Brian Pinsker 17-19
C.C. Russell 20
Jorge Sanchez 21
Julie Schillinger 22
Mark Stone 23-26
Lee Tracy 27
Michele Walker 28
J. Kevin Wolfe 29-30

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