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Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD), Issue 7 (Book)

ISSN 1088-4300
ISBN 1-888431-21-0
pp 42.

This is the seventh volume (2&3 appeared combined as one catenation) of the A Small Garlic Press (ASGP) on-line/print serial.

The material is nearly all poetry, as usual. Our continued aim in printing these chapbooks is to record on paper just the texts which are otherwise colorfully set in ring-structures (rooms), accessible from the web (check out the "wormholes" leading directly there, below).

Issue 7 contains strictly poetry and one letter to Agnieszka. As is our AgD custom, the alphabetically sorted (by author) writing, plus the table of contents (in the back, as per Marek's European roots) is all we provide.

There are no author biographies. Should you be so inclined, please look up the poets on the web, using a search engine such as Google, or we will relay your thoughts to them, per your correspondence c/o A Small Garlic Press.

The Google url is http://www.google.com/


Marck L. Beggs 1-2
B. Callaghan 3
Catherine Dally 4-11
chandra das 12-14
deirdre 15-16
Izabel Sonia Ganz 17-19
Liz Haight 20
Judy Hartwell 21
Ben Ohmart 22-23
John D Porter 24-26
Simone Ray 27
R. Sommo 28
Ashley Spradlin 29
Doug Tanoury 30
Shawn Walker 31-38
Robert Westermeyer 39

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