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Black Hare
Copyright © 1998 ASGP / Alan DeNiro

ISBN 1-888431-17-2

This is a book-length poem and a wonderful story in short slices. We give you a taste of it, below, by offering you the first one.

LeeAnn did the design and layout of this book, and other big and little things. The rest of us helped as best we could with scaning art, editing, procurement, powwowing and production. It was a treat to have Alan participate fully in the process, and therefore be quite the team member in all stages. This is probably the best book to obtain as a sample of what we can do now and how we will do it from this point on.

As with Jeffrey Thomson's book, there is no art on the inside -- just calm design. Artist +el_ray+ who has worked with us before and gave us an Agnieszka's Dowry room contributed the hare on the cover, in pencil, scanned in by Marek on his Microtek E6 and 1989 vintage Mac IIci. :) Long live Apple.

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The Black Hare (fragment)


Long away, shed in the woods,
the black hare strung
from the rafters by the feet.
A bolt of twine
and swill of kerosene below.
He opens his left eye.
Dozens of other hares hang,
all salt-white,
drinking the little cup
of moon through an open window.
They sleep and glint.
Silence dyes the shed.
He is dead but refuses to die.
Seven days unravel.
Until she comes, a ragged fog,
with flint to cut the cord.
Fierce squall with arms and legs.
And a whisper staggers out of the woods.

Copyright © March 1998 Alan DeNiro

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