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A Small Garlic Press -- Contact Addresses:

A Small Garlic Press,
a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization, Chicago, Illinois,
an Illinois not-for-profit corporation,
FEIN #36-4126633

Postal mail, and main source of book orders:
5445 N Sheridan 3003
Chicago, IL 60640-7477, USA

Electronic mail for ASGP officers (volunteers), a.k.a. Distinguished Spirits on This Here Mountain, a distributed internet workgroup:

jen jensen, VP technology, webmaster (California), art, California troubleshooting, haikuist-in-residence
katrina grace craig valvis, VP editing, submissions co-editor, author contacts, art, co-editor of Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD) ISSN 1088-4300, Seattle book orders
Marek Lugowski, president, director, editor-in-chief, submissions co-editor, designer & book producer, art, web design and editing/maintenance, grants, distribution, co-editor of Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD) ISSN 1088-4300, Chicago book orders, all hats not listed ;)
Rene Rivera, treasurer & secretary, computer science & computer graphics, web hosting/DNS issues/technical contact for asgp.org domain, svn code and media repository maintenance, Chicago troubleshooting
Sheila Miguez, VP public relations

A sketch of our history and philosophy hides under the Compass Rose.

Much volunteer work and permeating design, and criticism, went into ASGP by people who are not listed as contacts: LeeAnn Heringer, Kim Hodges, Ilse Hirvonen, Rik George, M. Lee, Sherrie Lee, Therese Leigh, Jenni Merri Parker, Renay, Amy Wray. And my parents, joining several others, wove over 100 Yakama strings for Strings. More about this in the catalog write-up for the book.

-- Marek

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