She lives on the road with her husband, two sons, and a really big dog named Cuchulainn. She rides a motorcycle, paints her fingernails red, and doesn't eat meat. To celebrate turning thirty, she learned to cook. At the time of this writing she is calling Berkeley Hills, CA her home. Tomorrow? Alaska. If it all turns out right.

Renay says she has a prepubescent boy's voice, but she is lying through her perfect teeth. Renay's urgency in poems translates to everything she does. This includes her reading aloud, opening your soul :) as with a can opener.

Renay is no beginner, yet her list of credits consists of three items: a poem in an obscure limited-edition book of mainly Usenet's rec.arts.poems work put together by Christopher Losinger of Rochester, New York, Fresh Oil, Loose Gravel, and a just-out multi-poem world wide web installation: she is featured in Issue No. 3 of CrossConnect. She has poems and letters in A Small Garlic Press's own serial, Agnieszka's Dowry, including the printed Issue 2 and 3 volume (see Catalog). More of Renay's poems are located under the Compass Rose of the ASGP Lobby, as she used to volunteer with ASGP.

Renay's Chapbook: They Drivem Pickup Trucks They Shootem Shotguns

Chapbooks: A Small Garlic Press catalog

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