Mere Smith, originally from Houston, Texas, relocated from one southern hell to another during the Age of Divorce in the early 80s. growing up in a tiny town in Florida, she escaped conservative persecution (and the constant 90 degree temperature) by working in a local theater. Twenty shows later, during the Era of Matriculation, she moved to her current residence in Providence, Rhode Island, where she is majoring in theater at Brown University, thanks to heavy scholarships and the benevolence (malevolence?) of the Stafford loan office.

Mere has been writing poetry since the age of 10, and has been published in a number of literary magazines and several places on the WWW. Titles are unimportant, 'cause y'all ain't gonna go look for 'em, anyway.

Likes: plush frogs, parliament cigarettes, silver jewelry, snail mail, curse words, and sex.

Dislikes: hangovers, liars, health food, and getting up early.

Mere is a sagittarius, but doesn't believe in all that astrological crap...unless it'll help her win the lottery.

Mere's Chapbook: Naked in My Mirror

Chapbooks: A Small Garlic Press catalog

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