What he does: Doug Thiele writes prose, poetry, lyrics, music and other inflammatory works. He publishes and produces all styles of music, and teaches courses in Audio Production and Music Industry Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. During the school year, he teaches a variety of music courses to gifted high school students at the Governor's School for the Arts in Norfolk, and is a humanities instructor at the Governor's School in Richmond during the summer. He is a Sound Designer, having recorded or reinforced sound in performances ranging from a Clarence Clemons Gospel concert to a world premiere at the Virginia Opera. He produces an occasional radio show for WHRO/WHRV radio, Norfolk's Public Radio affiliate.

What he has: Doug holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Indiana University, has earned awards for his musical works, which have been recorded or performed by artists ranging from Dolly Parton to the Los Angeles Boys' Choir. His articles on the craft and business of writing have been internationally published by organizations such as ASCAP and The Los Angeles Songwriter Showcase.

Who he is: Doug loves fine books and music; is a born-again savage deeply respectful of and involved in his Tsalagi heritage, and is a curriculum provocateur in the classroom. He is currently marooned in the swamps of Eastern Virginia.

Special thanks go to Randy Katz, Susan Mondschein and Joanne Thiele.

Doug's Chapbook: Like Chinese Milk

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